All employees have the right to work free from sexual harassment. To help you figure out where the line is and give you some ideas about how to take bystander action if you see or hear about sexual harassment, we have developed a range of information resources as part of our Know Where the Line Is strategy.

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Download the set of Know Where the Line Is posters for your desk or office.

Think you know what workplace sexual harassment looks like in 2014? Take a look at this video to find out if you Know Where the Line Is:

Taking action on sexual harassment

Take a look at these stories from employers who took bystander action.

  • Ellie's Story
    Ellie decided to speak to a colleague of hers who she’d noticed was feeling uncomfortable around a man they worked with.

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  • Amos' Story
    Amos picked a few of his workmates up on inappropriate sexual comments they were making about their female colleagues at after work drinks.

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  • Ana's Story
    Ana found out that one of her male staff was experiencing sexual harassment and took action to support him and get some training for her team.

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  • Maisy's Story
    Maisy talked to her colleague after noticing she’d been distracted and edgy at work.

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  • Landry's Story
    Landry contacted his HR team after a man he worked with had harassed a number of staff at his workplace.

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Other Resources

To download all Know Where the Line Is resources, click here.

Sexual Harassment. See. Talk. Support.

We’re calling on you to see, talk and support when it comes to sexual harassment at work.

For information about what employers can do please click here

How to make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission

If you believe you have experienced sexual harassment, you can contact the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Information Service on 1300 656 419. You can also make a complaint online at http://www.humanrights.gov.au/complaints/make-complaint